Review 1056 : Insineratehymn – Disembodied – English

Insineratehymn comes back with its second album.

The first signs of the band can be found in 2008 in the United States, but there are many changes in the line up. The band fades away in 2012 before coming back in 2016 with the impulse of three ex Transcendence members, with whom they’re now labelmates at Blood Harvest. Miguel Martinez (bass), Abraham Garcia (drums) and Frank Montero (guitar/vocals) unveil us Disembodied in 2022.

The mysterious but melodic Perpetual Anguish welcomes us with a soft rhythmic, unveiling some howlings and whispers in the background, while driving us to Visceral Ignominy, a very raw and hooking composition. Halfway between American and European influences, the solid rhythmic welcomes powerful screams and sharp leads, just like on the wild Corporeal Inception. An energetic blast makes a basis for aggressive riffs shaped into Old School roots, then the sound slows down to develop dark harmonics and heady leads before returning stronger. Proliferation Of The Deceased comes next with groovy and effective riffs while placing spurts of violence into this weighing atmosphere occupied by soaring leads or massive vocals, which continues with Intransitive Sanction. Once again, effectiveness predominates on the composition, and we hear an unfurling wave of strength, just like on Immolated Ascension and its solid rhythmic which is rooted into the style’s basis. Riffs are undoubtedly calling for violence wherever you are, and we also notice intensity doesn’t fade out, even when the band slightly slows down. The album reaches its end with Cerebral Malevolence, the longest composition which unveils some haunting tones into this greasy and hooking sound, but also a slower part before Bitter Loss comes to add the final straw. This last composition picks the band’s unhealthy energy and violent patterns up, but with a sharper mix, which also fit them very well.

With such a name, Insineratehymn could only offer qualitative Death Metal. Very hooking but also very solid, Disembodied places raw riffs after others in the one and only goal to break your neck.


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