Review 1058 : Inerth – Void – English

Inerth drops its first album.

Created in 2019 in Spain on the ashes of Looking For An Answer, the band composed of Santiago Paz (vocals, Dossier Negro, ex-Nashgul), Makoko (guitar, Mutilated Veterans), J. Moya (drums), Ramón Rodríguez (bass, Mutilated Veterans) and Víctor (guitar) offer us Void.

Precognition opens the album with a threatening and slow saturation, driving us to the groovy Resilience In. We easily feel the band’s aggressive roots which express themselves over this basis between Sludge, Doom and Death with very regular Industrial touches. Riffs are genuinely effective and continuous, just like on Paranoiac Critical Solitude which offers a haunting slowness and worrying clean backing vocals to walk with its crushing groove. The majestic final calls howlings back before Isolate, a more energetic but as massive track under its layer of dirty and hooking saturation, which makes us nod before Diamatle the Illusion and its disturbing dissonance. The track progressively traps us into a raw sound before exploding and unleashing the weighing rage, which still allows to place heady leads in the background. The short Deadline to Mankind comes over with a simple but catchy rhythmic on which a sampled voice drive us to Visions of Truth and its boiling energy. Whether the first part of the song is motivating, the sound will suddenly slow down to become weighing and worrying, then Nadir unveils more accessible influences. The intro is still quite dark, but we feel the progression into darkness until vocals appear. Dissonance surrounds us over soaring parts, while Brave New Cold War reconnects with straightforward and aggressive riffs. Death and nearly Crust influences are fully exploited over this simple and effective track, which angrily drive us to Reality Tunnels, the last song. More experimental, slower, but also more heady, it melts all the band’s influences, from the quieter to the most explosive ones, to end over an interesting touch.

With this first album, Inerth exposes us the basis of their style. Sometimes more aggressive and groovy, sometimes more weighing and haunting, Void ensures a permanent saturation which allows the band to keep our attention while it strikes.


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