Review 1068 : Godless Truth – Godless Truth – English

Godless Truth is back with a new album.

Created in 1994 in Czechia, the band has a short hiatus in 2012 but bounces back in 2016. Now composed of Švany (guitar), Petr (drums), Jakub (bass), Ondra (guitar) and Adam (vocals), it releases Godless Truth, its fifth album, at Transcending Obscurity Records.

The album begins with Wheels of Entity, a mysterious introduction which unveils melodic sonorities before The Decision comes to crush us with a fast and powerful Technical Death Metal. The band freely spreads brutality with a heavy sound, but also some moshparts, even if leads are not put aside with this piercing complexity. The band allows us to breathe with Glory To Desperation, a quite soft and epic interlude which drives us to Scissors, a raw-sounding song. Worked riffs are very effective, offering a groovy wave of sharp and hooking fast-paced sonorities, then the Old School sound is unveiled over the energetic Breathe Fire and its visceral vocals. The jerky rhythmic offers raw to easily recognizable roots, while a melodic bass is highlighted on Fortune Time. The rest of the instruments is obviously not put aside, offering a solid and wild rhythmic, while Bred In Greed offers very groovy and catchy tones. The fast-paced tempo helps the band to cultivate its violence while keep being technical and very effective, then The Eyechain comes to roll over us with an abrasive sound. Harmonics place more airy tones into the block of rage, which still clubbers us under a huge fix of blast before RIP Cage comes over with a similar recipe. The raw effectiveness will be sometimes subjected to more haunting riffs, then Wake Up To Obey comes to close the album with weighing riffs which does not hesitate to speed up to enhance their strength before finally ending.

With Godless Truth, you will undoubtedly be struck by effective riffs. Their eponymous album is governed by strength, with which the band develops a violence and incisive technicality which will hit right.


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