Review 1079 : Troglodyte – The Hierarchical Ecological Succession – Welcome to the Food Chain – English

Troglodyte wants to strike.

With their Bigfoot and Sasquashed-inspired Death Metal since 2005, the band composed of Chris Wilson (drums, Introvert Perversions), Mike Flores (bass, Origin), Brandon Mitchell (bass, Torn the Fuck Apart), Michael Langner (guitar, Torn the Fuck Apart) and Jeff Sisson (vocals, ex-Whoracle) introduce us to The Hierarchical Ecological Succession – Welcome to the Food Chain, at Blood Blast Distribution.

The band is accompanied on this album by Brent “Pustulus Maximus” Purgason (GWAR), Shawn Knight (Child Bite) and Ross Sewage (Exhumed, Ghoul, Impaled).

We immediately begin with What’s Eating You, a thick track which places very straightforward riffs to accompany wild gruntings. Effectiveness predominates over this very raw and hooking song, just like on Speed Kills, a track shaped from greasy and weighing influences. We feel some groove under this abrasive layer, which also allows worrying leads to darken the ambience. Killer harmonics will drive us to Found Guilty In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Shooting A Man Wearing A Bigfoot Costume, an as raw and heavy composition as its name is long. Leads offer more airy and dark influences, decorating the chaotic rhythmic, then the final assault pushes us to Sasquashed, a song that stays into this logic of raw effectiveness with a simple but hooking rhythmic covered by blast. Some mystical backing vocals join bestial screams, then a vocal sample tries to survive before being devoured, and Dyatlov comes next, accompanied by a haunting sound. Cold and dissonant tones eventually be strengthened, but they keep those weighing elements before Assault by Cleft Foot Malformation Trampled Under (Big)Foot comes to crush us with its jerky rhythmic. Musicians once again play the effectiveness card on this song shaped to headbang, then Thin the Herd strikes with a wild energy and a higher tempo. The band’s dynamism is communicative, just like on Meat Your Maker, the last track, which clearly incites us to break our neck over those Old School powerful riffs accompanied by savage screams.

Troglodyte is above all the wildest effectiveness, as its inspirations implies. With The Hierarchical Ecological Succession – Welcome to the Food Chain, we have a fix of blast and solid riffs for half an hour, and it will be impossible not to nod.


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