Review 1094 : Hellblind – A Plague On All Your Houses – English

Hellblind is ready for the fight.

Recently created in England, the band composed of Adam Frakes-Sime (vocals), Paul Fletcher (guitar), Charley Olsen (guitar), Mark Clayden (bass) and Will Romain (drums) are releasing A Plague On All Your Houses in 2022.

We begin with Evil Eye and its hooking groove which allows raw aggressiveness to strike us, helped by very Old School vocals. Effective riffs are really convincing, and they will drive us straight to the pit before If You’re Going Through Hell and its dissonant melancholic sonorities. Whether the basis of the song is still straightforward, we feel some dark energy, which will resurface over some of the most weighing parts, while Hitched offers a suffocating atmosphere. The song’s heaviness drives us to very energetic elements, like those blast parts of those motivating screams, then Wounds comes back to pure rage with Old School tones. The band shows it is ready to motivate whole crowds with this track, just like Soul Assassin, the last song of the EP, which turns out to be as hooking as melodic on the choruses. The last moshpart will make us nod before the band downs its arms.

With A Plague On All Your Houses, Hellblind knows how to make us move. Even if the band was recently created, their sound is anchored into Old School and effective sonorities, but also into dark and melancholic influences to unveil all its strength.


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