Review 1095 : Falls of Rauros – Key to a Vanishing Future – English

Falls Of Rauros continues on its way with a new album.

Founded in 2005, the American band composed of Ray Capizzo (drums, Obsidian Tongue, Panopticon), Aaron Charles (vocals/guitar, live for Panopticon), Jordan Guerette (vocals/guitar/keyboards, Forêt Endormie, Feral) and Evan (bass) signs at Eisenwald and announces Key to a Vanishing Future in 2022.

The album begins softly with Clarity, a mysterious song which shrouds us into a veil of blackness with some complexity before vocals appear. Heady and epic melodies are melted to intense howlings, whether they are ghostly or cavernous, creating as as burdening as majestic atmosphere which meets this raw and strong basis, and which continues on the haunting Desert of Heart. An oppressive slowness strengthens the song’s airy influences, which offers some violence coupled to visceral, deep and sincere howlings, creating a contrast with the clean-sounding break and the polished solo, driving us to Survival Poem, a very melancholic track. The song stays into those hooking and dark tones, which feed this majestic and desolated universe filled by tearing vocal parts, then Known World Narrows offers very effective bass elements. Highlighted into the mix, the instrument allows guitars to offer piercing harmonics before the band strengthens its rhythmic to get anchored into atmospheric elements. Some heavier parts come to darken the leads, then Daggers In Floodlight comes to place melancholic leads over a very mild and Prog basis. The rhythmic suddenly increases by unveiling a boundless rage, completed by possessed screams, which easily stick to the seizing rhythmic. The sound will slow down to this foggy final, which lets place to Poverty Hymn, the last composition, which will immediately make us suffocate with its blackness. The weighing and heavy sound unveils some majestic as well as frightening parts into this wall of fast-paced riffs, then leads take an important part of the mixing before the sound progressively disappears.

Even very underground, Falls Of Rauros offers an intense and weighing sound, testifying of an incredible quality. With Key to a Vanishing Future, the band offers us a majestic melancholy, which meets ghostly howlings to invade our mind.


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