Review 1124 : Analepsy – Quiescence – English

Analepsy speaks again with its second album.

Since 2013, the band driven by Marco Martins (guitar, ex-Brutal Brain Damage) and completed by João Jacinto (bass, Dead Meat, ex-Undersave), Calin Paraschiv (vocals/guitar, Clitgore, Necrovile), and Léo Luyckx (drums, Brutal Sphincter) plays a Brutal/Slam Death you will hear with Quiescence.

The band does not take long to begin with Locus of Dawning, its first song. Whether the Old School roots are obviously here, they explode after the introduction to unveil solid riffs and devastating howlings, linking the groove with heavy sonorities, like on Impending Subversion, a faster composition. The brutal basis meets more piercing elements, like those aggressive leads which drive us to intensive moshparts which will prove their effectiveness on stage. The album continues with Elapsing Permanence, a performance on which the band welcomes Wilson NG (Facelift Deformation, Vermicular Incubation…) on guitar for an epic solo which perfectly fits the ambient violence before Accretion Collision places its technicality at the service of an effective rage. Stretched and Devoured comes next in the most raw violence while letting place to Angel Ochoa (Disgorge, Cephalotripsy, Abominable Putridity, ex-Condemned) to continuously blow us away, right before letting Converse Condition make us mosh. The song is quite simple but very effective, offering many super effective parts for the stage, then Fractured Continuum will be based on the same roots to build its devastating riffs. Some heady lead parts find their way into the wave of violence, while Spasmodic Dissonance comes to crush us with the help of Ricky Myers (Suffocation, Disgorge). The song offers some hooking technicality peaks before unveiling the unfurling wave, then Edge of Chaos places a weighing and dissonant blackness, but also a lot of complex elements into pure violence, before the haunting outro leaves us with Quiescence, the last song, which will be a lot more melancholic and melodic. Some female choirs will join the majestic orchestrations to close the album, and we can finally catch our breath again.

The name of Analepsy is known, but once you have listened to Quiescence, you will know why. The album is incredibly powerful, devastative and effective at every moment, while including crushing guest spots, epic leads and an apocalyptic blackness. It’s a massive yes.


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