Review 1126 : Crisix – Full HD – English

Did you forget them? After five albums and a cookbook, Crisix is back.

Created in 2008 under the name of Crysis, the spanish band composed of Julián Baz (vocals), Albert Requena (guitar), Marc Busqué « Busi » (guitar), Javi Carrión (drums) and Pla Vinseiro (bass) introduce us to Full HD.

The Many Licit Paths opens the album with oriental sonorities, driving us to the band’s abrasive rage. The Old School communicative energy grabs us by the throat, completed by dark and threatening vocals, then aggressive riffs end right before Extreme Fire Hazard and its hooking fury. Thrash Metal’s raw roots are honored on this track, but we also have cold Heavy Metal-oriented leads, while Full HD, the eponymous track, offers motivating riffs. Fastness surfaces to feed the band’s rage, which is permanently unchained, above all at the end of the song and it will be a good reason for crowds to move. Macarena Mosh offers an abrasive effectiveness accompanied at first by a cybernetic voice, then by motivating howlings which will guide the devastating track before Speak Your Truth makes us rumble. The very effective rhythmic comes to place killer harmonics and a raw energy, just like Beast and its as straightforward as hooking riffs. John Was Born for Metal offers a very soaring introduction before the song reconnects with a fast-paced rage anchored into the style’s most devastating roots, while Sh?nen Fist will expose the band’s vindictive Hardcore roots. The musicians’ aggressive backing vocals strengthen the song’s power, driving us to W.N.M. United, an ambitious song that unites vocalists from Warbringer, Violator, Bonded by Blood, Gama Bomb, Fueled by Fire, Insanity Alert, Angelus Apatrida, Suicidal Angels, Nervosa and Dust Bolt. Needless to say the song is incredibly effective, and it will let Boc de Biterna comes next with a similarly intense aggressiveness. Fast riffs will however slow down to let some leads and soaring choirs come to the straightforward song, then the occult final drops us to Escape the Electric Fate, a song that will also be sharp to close the album with Thrash Metal’s raw codes.

If you didn’t notice it yet, Crisix is amongst Thrash Metal’s most effective bands now. Their Old School roots, coupled to their rage, their wrath and their perfect mix allow them to spread their rage without any limit.


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