Review 1134 : Einvigi – Yö kulje kanssani – English

Einvigi is back to show us its coldness.

Created in 2014, the band composed of Petteri Granberg (guitar/clean vocals), Joonas Koppanen (bass/harsh vocals), Henri Sund (drums, Modern Day Citizen) and Krister Virtanen (guitar, ex-Concrete Icon, ex-Unsphered) offers us its second album, Yö kulje kanssani, in 2022.

Meren Otteessa offers a soaring dissonance to open the album while placing the rhythmic’s main elements. Blackness perfectly melts with heady sounds inspired by Folk, then clean vocals mesmerize us, creating an additional softness to those intense clean vocals, which will be joined on Yö Kulje Kanssani, the eponymous track, by visceral howlings. The contrast is more powerful, strengthening the intensity of both shades of this Post-Metal which can be bright before De Profundis and its tearing melancholy, completed by a deep heaviness. Whether the whole song slowly sails between the two universes, the final will be devastating, while Veresi allows us to breathe for a moment before unveiling its dark quietness. The rhythmic sometimes places some more energetic elements, then rage sets fire to the riffs while welcoming howlings before letting them die, and the silence drives us to Takauma and its raw violence. The break allows us to catch our breathe again before progressively mesmerizing us to make this seizing contrast respawn, while Kaunis on maa floods us with this majestic Black Metal basis. Softness comes next, followed by as heady as sharp harmonics, but also by some solid parts and piercing leads, ending when Hirviöiden Valtakunnassa and its mysterious influences comes. The sound also offers syncopated drums and Shoegaze roots which shroud us into this dark and soaring softness until the last moment.

The sound of Einvigi is still anchored into this duality between extreme softness and more violent and visceral roots. With Yö kulje kanssani, the band proves their dark style can also be seizing and sharp as well as quiet and heady. A gem.


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