Review 1143 : The Last One Standing – EP – English

You don’t know The Last One Standing, but they will break your neck.

Created in 2018 in France, the band composed of Béatrice (vocals), Charles (guitar), Ludo (bass), Max (guitar) and Louis (drums) offer us its first EP in 2022.

After a hooking introduction, which lets some energy be known, the band offers Numbered and its worrying tones, which allows hypnotic clean vocals drive us to raw aggressiveness coupled to this seizing groove. Howlings are melted with weighing dissonance, then the band makes us face its violent rage with Sucker. Powerful rhythmic, contrasted but hooking vocals and obvious energy team up to offer a constant violence completed by soaring influences, just like Apostate and its marked Metalcore roots. Old School influences and the brutal mix of this song anchored in pure rage makes it a perfect choice for live shows, while The last ones standing will allow them to make us breathe in company of this voice, having a variety of influences before the crushing rhythmic rolls over us. The intense final exposes us to the most accessible roots while Liberation picks into Hardcore and its hooking sonorities while letting softer elements appear into the melting. Saturation reigns supreme into the composition, which lets KITA close the album with Blues roots coupled to the rawest aggressiveness, picking from Deathcore or Black Metal to spread all its effectiveness.

Even little known, The Last One Standing has a very interesting potential. With their wide and effective influences, their first EP is a first step into as diversified as intense territories, which is very promising.


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