Review 1153 : The Damnnation – Way of Perdition – English

Do you remember The Damnnation? The trio is back with its first album!

A year and a half after their first EP, Renata Petrelli (guitar/vocals, ex-Sinaya, ex-HellArise), Luana Diniz (drums/vocals, ex-Last Conscious) and Aline Dutchi (bass, Haze, ex-Sinaya), sign with Soulseller Records and announce Way of Perdition for 2022.

Before the Drowning will be the first track of this album anchored between energetic Thrash and cold Heavy Metal, on which we notice more powerful vocals. The jerky rhythmic offers some melancholic harmonics, while the hooking Way of Perdition comes back to both styles’ roots to develop a vivid and very heady contrast. Into the Sun comes next with a solid and very aggressive sound which will make us easily nod, taking advantage of the riffs’ heaviness to enhance its effectiveness, then This Pain Won’t Last uses pessimistic and quite dark tones. The contrast will be quickly bringed by the catchy rhythmic, but vocals coupled to choirs won’t be forgotten, just like on the groovy Grief of Death and its soaring leads which appease raw rage. Random Words turns out to be darker while using quite threatening tones which perfectly fit the voice, then Slaves of Society progressively drives us to a warlike groove completed by this veil of blackness. The end of the song continues well with Rotten Soul and its hooking harmonics which complete an effective heaviness, then the break allows us to breathe before reconnecting with pure rage, and to drive us to No Hope Inside which makes us sink into a cold Heavy Metal. The song is quite simple but also heady, and it lets place to The Greed, the last song, which offers the final strike. The lead part is interesting, and it perfectly matches the trio’s identity which will leave weapons after a bit more than half an hour.

With its blending of Thrash and Heavy Metal, The Damnnation stays anchored into an effective Old School style. Way of Perdition offers solid rhythmics, powerful vocals and epic leads, which makes it a perfect travel companion.


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