Review 1177 : Gronibard – Regarde les Hommes Sucer – English

Gronibard unexpectedly comes back with a third album.

After its creation in 1998 in France, nobody anticipated the band composed of Anal Capone (vocals), Necronembourg (guitar/vocals, ex-Warscars), Merdic  (guitar, Warscars), Albatard (bass, Warscars, ex-Karmassacre) and Godemichel (drums, Warscars, ex-Aborted, ex-Belenos) sign with Season of Mist, and above all announcing Regarde les Hommes Sucer after all this time.

With sixteen track with names as dumb as the next for thirty seven minutes of sound, we easily understand the band didn’t lose its roots. Whether the sexual references get to live with the foolish parody of some Death, Grind, horror and even Black Metal masters, the sound is… good. Don’t expect to hear technical riffs, because the band sticks to an effective simpleness coupled to vocals (when we can understand them) which stay into this dirty and pornographic direction which could make some eight years old child laugh. Whether some vocal parts are extremely powerful, we also notice cheesy samples, slender voices and also some decadence. All you have to keep in mind is that the band still does not take themselves too seriously, but they can create a devastating sound. The perfect exemple is the contrast present on L’Enfer des Zombites or Mon Siamois Maléfique, which will make you smile, but which also have a solid groove, or even Sperm Smoker, of which obvious negligence is compensated by greasy riffs and raw howlings. Some songs are quite short, like the two Intermerde, Lady Boy or To Ride, Shoot Sperm And Drink The Juice, but we can notice some decent length on Finger In Anus, J’ai été livré par DPD and its interesting solo, or Individual Thought Pâté. The carnage ends with De Mysterfriize Pomme Bananas, an (not so) original composition on which the band dabbles with more or less success to Black Metal influences and mystical sonorities, and it’s almost a victory. Almost.

With only the band’s name, you knew what to expect. Yet, the five idiots of Gronibard are not just some jokers who push their concept a bit too far, because their compositions are far from being bad! Let your neurons aside, and let Regarde les Hommes Sucer do the job.


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