Review 1178 : Posthuman Abomination – Mankind Recall – English

Second album for Posthuman Abomination.

Created in 2014 in Italy, the band composed of Lorenzo Orrù (vocals, Natrium), Max Santarelli (guitar, Pit of Toxic Slime, Vomit the Soul…), Marco Coghe (drums, Devangelic, Catastrophic Evolution, Vulvectomy…) and Andrea Pillitu (bass, ex-Natrium) unveils us Mankind Recall, its second album, for 2022 at Comatose Records

With a mix/mastering made by Stefano Morabito (Beheaded, Bloodtruth, Devangelic, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hideous Divinity, Hour of Penance…) and an artwork by Guang Yang (Beheaded, Contrarian, Facelift Deformation, Infant Annihilator, Maggot Colony…), it is impossible to expect anything else than an extremely powerful sound. Subdermal, the first song, will prove it at the very first moments, by using aggressive and sometimes technical riffs ruled by an effectiveness with worked influences under devastating howlings. The band perfectly knows how to proceed to melt pure aggressiveness with simple parts, but also more sophisticated elements, which makes it an obvious asset on stage to rage over the world’s scenes. I personally noticed Abstracted and its short merciless breaks, the heavy Mankind Recall, the eponymous track, Zeroth a song which picks into some Hardcore roots, but also Mnesic and its jerky rhythmic which will quickly burn your brain to make you mosh harder than ever. The album ends with Shutdown and its meaningful name, which showcases bass into the mix while keeping raw and Old School tones, taking another aspect.

If you’re looking for violence, Posthuman Abomination will be your brutal break. The band perfectly handles rage, fastness and effectiveness, while including into Mankind Recall some enjoyable more technical elements.


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