Review 1210 : Deathwhite – Grey Everlasting – English

Ten years after their creation, Deathwhite release a third album.

Since 2012, the band composed of LM (vocals/guitar), DW (bass/vocals) and AM (drums) cultivates a Melodic Doom/Death which is illustrated with Grey Everlasting, at Season Of Mist.

The album is opened with Nihil, an introduction which progressively brings the weighing and soaring elements before Earthtomb offers a seizing and crushing melancholy. The haunting sound also exposes us to fast parts covered by a devastating blast which can slow down to let nostalgy and clean vocals impose themselves, while the rhythmic also allows a seizing dissonance drive us to No Thought or Memory, a quite melancholic song which picks into Doom and impressive vocals enhance heady roots. Slowness give some interest to dissonant riffs, just like Quietly, Suddenly, a mesmerizing composition, which gives clean vocals an interesting place, just like those piercing leads which will create a seizing contrast with piercing leads to create an abrasive situation. Vocals add this burdensome dimension, which continues with Grey Everlasting, a very progressive composition that unveils all its strength with an aggressive softness. White Sleep reconnects with Black Metal sonorities, blast and the threatening dissonance, while placing itself with the more weighing but still as melodic influences. The contrast is interesting, and it lets place to the hooking Immemorial, a groovy composition which lets vocals add a soft dimension to violence, just like Formless and its epic leads. The song is quite short, but its intensity is obvious, like on So We Forget and its pessimistic message, which shrouds us into a soaring melancholy. Drums unveil some energy which will recover on Blood And Ruins, accompanied by its dark melancholy, creating a contrast between the basis and vocals. Asunder, the last track, comes to bring some complexity with the band’s slow and soaring languor, which walks with us until those last moments.

Between melancholy and haunting sonorities, Deathwhite finds its way. If you’re into slow, suffocating and clean sonorities, Grey Everlasting will make you discover your new favorite band. In any case, it slaps hard.


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