Review 1231 : Truent – Through The Vale of Earthly Torment – English

Truent returns to the scene to present their debut album.

Formed in 2012 in Canada, the band currently consisting of Spencer McIntosh (bass), Matthew Pancoust (guitar), Daniel Clark (guitar), Nic Landry (drums) and John Roodenrys (vocals/guitar) already released two EPs prior to Through The Vale of Earthly Torment, which they are releasing independently.

The album kicks off with the short introduction named Blood and Dust which soon reveals an abrasive technicality, joined by massive screams. The groovy rhythmic focuses on a Progressive Death mixing powerful rhythmic parts with some technicality, then Usurper Of The Sky floods us with an aery and soaring dissonance. The aggressiveness will quickly resurface in this heavy wave, letting the band place blasts, an impressive speed as well as softer breaks, while Silk and Bone immediately comes to crush us with heavy riffs. We obviously find this extreme complexity in the riffs as well as the rage in the vocal parts, then The Last Hunt will strike with an explosive speed. Some dark sounds are also present in this aggressive and very raw track, which will give way to the devastating This Verdant Coil and its unpredictable technicality. The frantic riffs meet catchy moshparts, intense leads, but also wild screams before the band offers us a moment of quietude with the short In The Mire, a catchy interlude. Some percussions and an acoustic guitar, which will finally let us down when Scathe Of Branches and its overpowering rhythmic comes to violate us with its solid groove. The band places its most massive riffs, served by extremely efficient patterns, especially on this imposing final track which gives way to the energetic last song, Damned To The Deep, which will also be the longest. We find all the power and the complexity the band knows how to enhance while keeping this catchy efficiency, but also a soothing dissonance and a crushing groove before closing the album.

Truent‘s style has evolved, and it is much more violent. After two efficient EPs, the band took the time to refine their first album, and the least we can say is that Through The Vale of Earthly Torment is an excellent surprise! Technical, groovy and especially devastating.


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