Review 1275 : Milking the Goatmachine – Nach uns die Grindflut – English

Run for shelter, Milking the Goatmachine is back!

Since 2008, Goatleeb Udder (vocals/drums, Demonbreed, Miseo, Knife…) and Goatfreed Udder (guitar/bass, Carnal Ghoul, Demonbreed, ex-Lay Down Rotten…) have been feeding their own style, the GoatGrind. The name of their latest offspring? Nach uns die Grindflut, to be released in 2022 by Reaper Entertainment.

Piccolo im Streichelzoo will give us a few seconds of respite before attacking with frantic riffs and massive screams, some kind of habit for the band. There’s also a catchy break after this aggressive blast, and then Kackeball (don’t ask me to translate) will come and break our neck with an unusual wit. The rhythmic remains focused on pure efficiency, but leads offer Old School influences just like on Rettet den Wald… esst mehr Biber and its dancing Punk roots which turn into an unstoppable dissonance. Raus mit die Viecher follows with the same raw aggressiveness coupled with massive screams which allows Death Metal to express itself, then Am Zaun der Zeit reminds us that the band is hungry for the stage and energetic rhythmics. A new sample lets us breathe before Ein Stall am Wörthersee adds an interesting coldness in its jerky riffs, just like on Stallhalla which lets dissonant harmonics settle in this chaotic mixing. The track knows how to accelerate and skillfully place some pig squeal before the very short Waddema brings raw violence back. Ein Brett im Kornfeld focuses more on a sometimes melodious Death Metal, to my great surprise, then the track gives way to Ist der Huf erst ruiniert and a modernity which introduces more technical and heady elements. Blast is obviously never far from this heaviness, just like on Mutter, der Mann mit der Milch ist da, melting devastating double kick with jerky and more screaming riffs. The album reaches its end with the massive Warum liegt hier Stroh? a track which knows how to be catchy, then Magermilch Mambo comes back in the unbridled Old School tonalities. Thick Grindcore elements are also on the program but Nach uns die Grindflut puts the final touch to this slaughter in the name of violence with a heavy and effective simplicity.

If you want to break your neck, Milking the Goatmachine is the band you need for you. With its original concept and its… goaty titles, Nach uns die Grindflut will seduce the amateurs of bold, straightforward and heavy aggressiveness.


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