Review 1279 : Al Namrood – Worship the Degenerate – English

Al-Namrood speaks again.

Since 2008 in Saudi Arabia, the band led by Mephisto (guitar/bass/percussion, ex-Mephisophilus) and Ostron (keyboards/percussions) talks about its culture through a vindictive Black/Folk. In 2022, the band announces the arrival of Artiya’il on vocals, as well as the release of Worship the Degenerate, still on Shaytan Productions.

Protector of the Herd opens the doors of this universe with a majestic sound and soaring influences, then incisive riffs enter the game. Screams will follow shortly after, offering this catchy Folk rhythmic a visceral rage which feeds a dreadfully effective contrast leading us to Worship the Degenerate, the eponymous track. The name of this short track is quite evocative of the rage and hatred it evokes, while letting the musicians scream their beliefs before Guerillas takes over to offer more Old School influences. The blending of destructive Black Metal with oriental influences is of the most beautiful effect, creating an amazing and very aggressive complementarity, especially on the various vocal parts, then Sun of Liberation will come to smash us with a killer blast. The contrast between the two universes is the most seizing, but also the most effective on this track, whereas Eclipse emphasizes heaviness and the haunting sounds for a bewitching instrumental, which will end on choirs. Free Will, the last composition, remains much quieter while keeping this instrumental approach without real saturation.

Hidden from the public, Al-Namrood continues to spread its message of making its music live, no matter the cost. From a musical point of view, Worship the Degenerate is amazing and it brings together two universes that one might think are opposed. From a moral standpoint, Worship the Degenerate is the perfect torch for rebellion.


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