Review 1298 : Perdition Temple – Merciless Upheaval – English

Perdition Temple is back with a fourth album.

Created in 2009 in the United States, the band now composed of Gene Palubicki (guitar, Malefic Throne, Hexorcist, ex-Angelcorpse), Ron Parmer (drums, Blightmass, Brutality, Malevolent Creation, ex-Amon) and Alex Blume (bass/vocals, Ares Kingdom, ex-Nepenthe, ex-Blasphemic Cruelty) announces the release of Merciless Upheaval, on Hells Headbangers Records.

First observation with Merciless Upheaval, the eponymous title, the Old School and thick mix marvelously serves the frantic riffs supported by this blast steamroller. Screams are not in rest, because they ensure a visceral rage interspersed with scathing leads just like on the unholy Execution Swarm and its jerky rhythmic. We will also notice aggressive leads which barely slow down the fast-paced tempo and its devastating strength which leaves no dead time before Redemption Abattoir takes over, in a heavy atmosphere. Aggression mixes with oppression of heady leads and the screams’ violence, then some Thrash influences can be heard in this thick and fast mix which will leave us with In Thrall of Malevolence. Unsurprisingly, the track remains extremely violent, letting blast and frantic riffs provide a thick basis for the wild screams, as well as the guitarist’s murderous leads.

The second part of the album is composed of four covers. Skeletons in the Closet from Canada’s Infernal Majesty, allows the band to exploit the raw aggressiveness of Thrash Metal while keeping an oppressive sound, then it’s From The Stars, Nyarlathotep from the Mexico’s Shub Niggurath, which comes back to life with choking and unbridled tones. Both bands have a similar style, which allows an effective and very aggressive cover, just like on Blood on My Hands by American Death Metal legend Morbid Angel. The ungodly sounds meet these solid and catchy riffs’ raw rage which drives us to Parricide and its more technical influences from Netherlands’ Pestilence. Once again, the band perfectly manages to inject this greasy touch while respecting the original composition.

The sound of Perdition Temple remains anchored in its Old School influences between aggressive Death and unhealthy Black Metal. Whether it is with the original compositions or the covers, Merciless Upheaval makes violence its own to spit it out with its own identity.


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