Review 1305 : Weregoat x Eggs of Gommorh – Orgiastic Rape of Resurrected Remains – English

It’s time for Weregoat and Eggs of Gommorh to reveal their split.

In collaboration with the German label Iron Bonehead Productions, the American band Weregoat, created in 2009, with three EPs, two splits, a live album and an album, joins forces with the Swiss band Eggs of Gomorrh, having already released two albums, a demo, an EP and a split since 2008, to bring Black/Death to life.

Weregoat opens with Bitch & Inquisitor, a devastating track which offers an unholy introduction before the massive riffs and screams hit us at full strength. The screaming leads contrast with this heavy and weighing sound before Rites of Cuntrition offers us a frantic rhythmic populated by these unhealthy and disturbing elements. The devastating howlings are perfectly integrated to the surge, which will slow down to welcome the tortured solo, then gives way to Demonic Triphallus and its unhealthy intro sample. The wave of raw darkness will resurface, accompanied by massive screams and impressive elements, allowing the band to expose its madness.

Eggs of Gommorh puts us in front of a much more straightforward style with Impotent Rebirth and its aggressive rhythmic supported by oppressive blast and wild screams. The band also adds some sharp leads in this mix, just like on MST1:4, a composition which keeps abrasive sounds while letting slower parts strengthen the riffs’ effectiveness. Beyond Filth picks the tempo up with martial strikes in addition to the unhealthy, frantic rhythmic pattern which will for sure be loved on stage, and then Expire smothers us with an impressive and heavy sound, while leaving plenty of room for devastating screams.

Although Weregoat and Eggs of Gommorh both have a very precise vision of their respective Black/Death, the two bands come together on the notion of raw strength. Orgiastic Rape of Resurrected Remains’ compositions will easily find their audience.


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