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Despite a difficult start in 2006, the English band composed of Jon Davis (guitar/vocals, Ungraven, DOS), Chris Fielding (bass/vocals, ex-Agent of the Morai) and Johnny King (drums, Dread Sovereign, Krawwl, Malthusian) unveils in 2022 Evidence of Immortality, their fifth album, on Napalm Records.

A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots begins with a feedback before letting its thick and abrasive Sludge to slowly crush us. Effective riffs carefully hammer us before offering slightly more energetic patterns, then the vocalist’s shrill screams join the throbbing mix before giving birth to a disturbing dissonance into leads. There are also some heady melodies, then the wave of rage starts again, to finally let Levitation Hoax strike with a devastating blast. Riffs are quickly catchy, creating a lively and striking dynamic in which vocals perfectly fit to the mix before it becomes darker, then the short Ritual Of Anonymity comes to offer a catchy groove without denying the extreme saturation, coupled with motivated vocal parts. The band continues with Equilibrium Of Mankind, a much more pessimistic and darker track which returns to an apocalyptic slowness punctuated by some faster and chaotic parts. The double vocals also participate in this oppressive feeling before a final in the rules of the distortion, which drives us to Righteous Alliance and its solid rhythmic. The heavy and thick sound barely allows screams to escape from this cloud of darkness before slowing down to reveal sinister sounds, heady effects and unexpected peaks of rage which will end with Grief Sequence, the last track. If the band goes back to feedbacks, it will also include keyboards and more majestic sounds to walk with this long instrumental with Dungeons influences, but also a destructive madness.

With Conan, it is impossible not to be crushed by saturation. Evidence of Immortality feeds dissonance, oppression and darkness all the time with thick riffs, feedback and piercing screams, creating a massive sound.


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