Review 1331 : Ensanguinate – Eldritch Anatomy – English

Ensanguinate‘s debut album is ready.

Created in 2020 in Slovenia, the band released a first demo the same year. In 2022, Andrej Cuk (guitar/vocals, ex-Eruption), Jaka Cresnar (guitar, Panikk, ex-BattleX), Miha Sinigoj (bass, Hellsword) and Matjaz Winkler (drums, Keller) announced the release of Eldritch Anatomy.

The album opens with the straightforward riffs of Hunted, an effective track which welcomes gloomy screams to accompany a savage rhythmic pattern. The Old School roots are obvious and they offer us dark leads, just like on the dissonant Cadaver Synod and its oppressive sounds, feeding the contrast with its energetic basis. The break will also bring haunting tones which continue with the first notes of Ghoul Presence, before the rhythmic ignites again, creating an unhealthy acceleration. The track also plays on those heady airy melodies and sharp leads, then Perdition’s Crown continues to bring the aggressive, jerky riffs to life without forgetting a catchy groove. The rhythmic will slow down to let the band develop an oppressive sound, then Gaping Maws of Cerberus will return to a higher tempo and a killer blast. The track will still offer a darker part, as well as a majestic and imposing final before Lowermost Baptisms goes back to aggressiveness and disturbing tones. The wild screams give this track a very special flavor, before slowing down to give us this mysterious atmosphere that drives us to the frantic finale, then to Sublimation. After a frightening sample, the track will reveal growls, ominous whispers and heavy riffs, which perfectly reproduce what we expect from a Lovecraftian atmosphere. The band will return to more raw elements, then the short Death Vernacular will dip into Grindcore for an ultra-fast start before gradually slowing down, then exploding again. The album ends with the long Vile Grace, which offers a clear sound introduction before returning to the devastating saturation of Death Metal, whether it is fast or slower and oppressive.

Ensanguinate perfectly knows how to create an ominous atmosphere to stick to their Lovecraftian roots, while playing a raw and solid Death Metal. Eldritch Anatomy will definitely please you if you like violence as much as darkness.


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