Review 1335 : Reincarnated – Of Boötes Void Death Spell – English

Reincarnated drops their debut album.

Formed in 2017 in Thailand, the band consisting of Saran (guitar, Oldskull, Savage Deity), NB (vocals, Genocidal Sodomy, Necrosadistik Khaos), Patiwat (guitar, Masochist, Nocturnal Damnation, Oldskull, ex-Zygoatsis), Thinnarat (drums, Savage Deity, Lotus of Darkness, Nocturnal Damnation, Shambles) and Chester (bass, Dispiteous, ex-Ilemauzar) announce the release of Of Boötes Void Death Spell on Inhuman Assault Productions.

We start with the oppressive Ophiuchus Crypt which unveils a thick and heavy Death/Doom topped by massive vocal parts, highlighting the band’s raw and Old School influences. The slow sound will slightly accelerate to let tortured leads take place in the wave of heavy sound, which will return to this gruesome quietness before giving way to Quasar God Oration, a composition built on the same thick and effective basis. The efficient sound will let the band place aggressive moshparts between two oppressive and dissonant riffs, which let this thick and catchy groove work before Proxima Hibernation offers us an icy and massive sound. The track takes from the origins of Death/Doom to create a wave of darkness more or less fast to crush us before Triumphant Dead Comet comes to place some disturbing sounds in this crushing mix. The double kick reigns supreme on this aggressive track which favors Old School and raw influences before slowing down to create an eerie atmosphere to lead us to Tomb of Boötes Void, the last track, which will take the elements of the previous track to finish us off. Expect an onslaught of catchy heaviness which easily strikes into the dissonant roots while offering much more raw vocals.

If you like Old School sounds, Reincarnated is the band you need. Their riffs are effective, their tracks are massive, and they offer with Of Boötes Void Death Spell a heavy and greasy mix topped with gruesome screams. Everything we like.


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