Review 1336 : Parasite Inc. – Cyan Night Dreams – English

Parasite Inc. is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a third album.

Formed in Germany in 2007, the band now consisting of Benjamin Stelzer (drums), Kai Bigler (guitar/vocals), Dominik Sorg (guitar) and Lucien Mosesku (bass) released their first album in 2013, followed in 2018 by a signing with Reaper Entertainment and a second album. Cyan Night Dreams is announced for 2022.

After a long and haunting modern-sounding introduction called Lithium, the band attacks with I Am, a devastating track which puts screams and sharp melodies at the center of the arena, surrounded by a solid rhythmic pattern. Electro elements fit perfectly into this violent outburst with an epic chorus, then the melancholic break will let the riffs ignite again before First Born, a heavier and more jerky composition. The dissonant leads and massive screams take turns to create an interesting contrast, which will also contrast with this hypnotic tapping part, then the catchy Cyan Night Dreams comes to reveal us its groove with Synthwave roots. The mix can be confusing at first, but we quickly realize that it is very effective, even leaving room for clean vocals before pure aggressiveness returns on In False Light and its Old School roots, tempered by a sampled voice. The jerky rhythmic and the wild screams sometimes give way to these softer sounds before coming back on solid riffs, then Osmium allows us a moment of respite with this modern and melancholic interlude. The rage slowly resurfaces on Follow the Blind, a track on which the band explores burning Metalcore influences to offer us martial sounds which will find their place on stage, in front of a crowd that breaks its neck in unison. The modern and heady tones find their way with Under Broken Skies and its catchy sounds more accessible to a non-initiated audience, just like on Into Destruction which is more threatening with this solid blast. The choruses are adorned with easily memorable unifying elements and clean vocals, then When All is Said closes the album with the modern parts and a softer approach of this style, while keeping an effective saturation.

Anchored in modern Melodic Death, Parasite Inc. will also offer forays into other styles with its catchy mix. If electronic sounds don’t scare you, Cyan Night Dreams will seduce you in no time.


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