Review 1350 : Spectrum Mortis – Bit Meseri – The Incantation – English

Spectrum Mortis‘ debut album is finally out.

Formed in 2015 in Spain, the band consisting of Sheram (bass/vocals), Aath (guitar), Aataa (guitar) and Ta’ao (drums) already released two EPs and a split before announcing Bit Meseri – The Incantation, through Listenable Records.

The album starts with the haunting oriental sounds of An, a short and mysterious introduction which drives us to Utu-Abzu, a heavy and oppressive composition which mixes the slowness of Doom and the thick sound of Death Metal. The waves of double kick and blast overlaid with massive screams, also contributing to this burdensome and aggressive atmosphere, while the unhealthy groove is highlighted on U-Anne-Dugga. Much more raw, the track will offer worrying choirs before this terrifying and oppressive clean sound part which will revive the flame of fury, allowing the musicians to offer us an efficient and catchy rhythmic, just like on Bit Meseri and its heady harmonics which places an interesting relief to the rhythmic. The dark vocal parts also participate in this mystical and worrying atmosphere which will die with the arrival of clean sound before Uanna comes to crush us. The track will be ruled by sharp accelerations and unhealthy ritualistic sounds, sometimes inspired by Black Metal roots, just like the majestic An-Enlilda which places orchestrations in the spotlight of its visceral oppression. The sound will remain thick from beginning to end, barely allowing the wrenching leads to make their way through screams, then El Sol de Eridu will unveil that haunting slowness which will continue to anchor itself in dark sounds. Riffs remain effective, offering more raw and energetic parts before letting dissonance lead us to Shamash, an oriental outro which will easily join the introduction, creating an infinite and dark loop.

Spectrum Mortis is for me a discovery, and although the album seems a bit short, it remains very coherent. Bit Meseri – The Incantation will appeal to fans of grimy and dark old school sounds, while adding a heady touch to these oppressive waves.


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