Review 1371 : Nordjevel – Gnavhòl – English

Day 1 - 8 - Nordjevel

It’s time for Nordjevel to reign again.

Since 2015 in Norway, the band led by Doedsadmiral (vocals, Doedsvangr, Horde of Hel, Svartelder, ex-Enepsigos) and DezeptiCunt (bass, Quadrivium, Nebular Mystic, ex-Ragnarok), completed in 2018 by Dominator (drums, Horde of Hel, Odium, The Wretched End, ex-Aeon, ex-Dark Funeral… ) and Destructhor (guitar, Odium, Myrkskog, ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Zyklon) plays a ruthless Black Metal. In 2022, the band announces the release of Gnavhòl on Indie Recordings.

The album begins with screams of terror, then the first riffs of I Djevelens Skygge strike us, topped by the vocalist’s visceral screams. The unhealthy and sharp sound uses the tempo speed to offer more melodious parts which are perfectly anchored on this frantic rhythmic, just like on the powerful Of Rats And Men and its dissonant harmonics. Vocals become more martial while the riffs do not weaken, and the few choruses reveal a very raw aspect which offers a very catchy final before Satans Manifest floods us again with this straightforward and fast sound. The track knows how to slow down to offer its ungodly tones and dark airy melodies before unveiling a haunting regularity which drives us to Within The Eyes, an as aggressive as fast composition. The unexpected lead parts make the track even more energetic under this uninterrupted blast wave, and the groovy part gives it some dark and oppressive madness, while Gnavhòl, the eponymous track, immediately builds over an impressive and unhealthy slowness which borrows from the style’s Old School roots. The acceleration keeps this suffocating atmosphere while revealing a raw aggressiveness, which will slow down again to become haunting before Antichrist Flesh reveals this dark contrast between strength and soothing slowness. The captivating mix will be frighteningly effective on stage, but it will end to let Spores Of Gnosis add some melodic and disturbing elements before striking. The lively and precise drumming gives the other instruments a perfect basis to place their most intense harmonics completed by visceral screams, then Gnawing The Bones goes back to pure and simple aggressiveness. Screaming and fast riffs offer some wilder parts and abrasive leads before Endritual, the longest track of the album, surrounds us with its dissonant and mystical aura. The slow rhythmic gives the vocalist more freedom to diversify his screams, as well as to leads to unveil heady melodies, then we feel that the rhythmic gradually strengthens, calling for double kick before disappearing into nothingness to let Twisted Psychosis, an explosive and aggressive composition, close the album in violence while offering some very catchy passages.

Nordjevel only works in the most Old School and raw tones of Black Metal, letting Gnavhòl reveal rage and oppression. Whether fast aggressiveness mostly prevails, the band does not hesitate to slow down to be very dissonant and soaring, diversifying its influences.


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