Review 1443 : Encryptment – Dödens födsel – English

Encryptment unveils their debut album.

Formed in 2015 in Sweden, the band is quickly moving towards a raw and aggressive style. After an EP in 2015 and then a demo in 2019, Christoffer Dorsin (vocals, ex-Bedlamite), Anton Kleback (bass, ex-Bedlamite), Marcus Bengtsson (guitar, ex-Bedlamite) and Joel Eriksson (drums) announce the release of Dödens födsel through Nuclear Winter Records.

The album starts with Dödens födsel, the eponymous track, which immediately spits out a mixture of frantic Death/Crust on which the band places some more technical elements which fit the energetic patterns. As for the vocals, we obviously stay in a very raw saturation just like on Liens praktfulla in and its chaotic leads which bring the track an additional dissonant touch. The catchy riffs sometimes slow down to let the band bury us under its dark rage, but they speed up again on Silver Tongue and its Old School Grindcore roots. Again, the grimy airy melodies give violence a bit of mystery before it resurfaces more powerful, then Central disharmoni offers us a haunting throbbing sound the band will couple with some explosions of pure brutality. The airy tones are never far away like on Existens i ambivalens, an abrasive composition which leaves room for some distant vocal parts in its dirty and dark mix as well as waves of rage. Plågospiral returns to the almost permanent blast to give the aggressive riffs and raucous screams a jerky basis before going totally wild to drive us to a feedback, then to the oppressive Poisonous Salvation which reveals a dark but quite soothing slowness. The quietness populated with dissonant harmonics is submitted to a drumming which becomes more and more aggressive until this climax which will launch blast before braking again to let the long Withered Hands flood us with its riffs. The rhythmic will also give way to thick Sludge influences and atmospheric sounds before going back violence until the last moment.

With this first album, Encryptment mainly offers aggressive and raw patterns, but we can still find some slower and more dissonant elements which will make Dödens födsel a rather rhythmed album.


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