Review 1449 : Houle – Houle – English

Houle emerges from the waves.

Created in 2021 in France, the band composed of Crab (guitar), Græy Gaast (bass), Zéphyr (guitar), Adsagsona (vocals) and Vikser (drums) announces after a few gigs its signature with Les Acteurs De L’Ombre, as well as the release of Houle, its first EP.

Le Continent will be our first contact with this haunting nautical universe that will soon be unleashed with sharp riffs, quickly completed by a raw and intense vocal. Heady melodies sometimes calm down to reveal dissonant sounds on which distant vocal parts come to life, letting despair invade the heavy atmosphere before this softer final which guides us to Au Loin La Tempête and its suffocating heaviness. The track is shorter than the previous one, but it will still take the time to develop an ominous atmosphere to let intense vocals combine with waves of majestic riffs and a solid blast. Once again, the final is quieter, allowing us to let the long La Dernière Traversée mesmerize us before the massive rhythm hits. The vocal diversity helps pace this frantic track which lets leads lacerate us while the rhythmic beat nails us to the ground, but the mix will eventually let us breathe with a clean-sounding and Prog-influenced break. The sweetness carries us to Sous l’Astre Noir, a last as catchy as melodious composition, which lets the influences multiply, offering a cavernous voice, Heavy Metal-shaped leads or even more Old School roots while keeping a dark and sharp coherence until the last second.

Although very young, Houle shows a certain musical maturity. With Houle, the band places on Melodic Black Metal diversified vocals, solid riffs and above all an incredible intensity which easily carries us into the depths of their art.


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