Review 1462 : Katapult – Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes – English

It’s time for Katapult to release its first album.

After two EPs, the band founded between Switzerland and Sweden by Johan Norström (vocals), Florian Moritz (guitar), Felix Bacher (bass), Joel Purificacion (guitar) and David Stutzer (drums) unveils Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes, which is released through Discouraged Records.

The album ironically begins with The End, a sort of metronome which announces the arrival of jerky Hardcore-infused Thrash/Death riffs to leave us with Comfortably Dumb, a simple but extremely energetic track. The band’s raw roots are fully expressed on this track dedicated to mosh and the stage while placing some more melodic Metalcore influences, just like on The Hands of the Devil and its rather dark atmosphere. The track also knows how to include dissonance and oppressive choruses to simple riffs and visceral screams, then Sweetheart Come welcomes ambient elements on its introduction before letting softness and rage melt. Close to the ballad, the track still offers motivating vocal parts like on this final break which drives us to The Arsonist, a composition which lets the Hardcore bases express themselves with aggressive and straightforward riffs all the time. The mad energy gives way to Nihilism for the Gods which adds melancholic tones borrowed from Melodic Death, but abrasive sounds will resurface with Litany of Spirals, a track which skillfully combines the most aggressive elements with heady leads, then Invite the Sin will slow the tempo down to let dissonance feed the track’s heavy atmosphere, strengthened by vocals, which will even offer a surprising and intense final. Schädel goes back to simplicity and raw efficiency to make you headbang (use a translator to understand how funny this sentence is) without forgetting piercing leads just like on All This Because of Greed which mixes Old School sounds with gripping and visceral vocal parts. The band continues in efficiency with 21th Century Gladiator Boy, a composition which makes you want to throw yourself in an explosive pit while being crushed by double kick, then Fredrik Lindkvist (Riwen, Sista Brytet, Fred Lee & the Restless) joins the band on Bränn bilder och minnen to relentlessly strike us with a fix of uncontrollable aggressiveness. The album ends with Oh God for One More Breath, a final, softer composition which mixes abrasive vocals, haunting rhythm and an outro composed of cold strings.

After two vivid EPs, Katapult broadens their influences to offer a more contrasted, but still effective sound. With Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes, you’re sure to mosh on Thrash/Hardcore roots while letting Melodic Death-oriented leads mesmerize you.


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