Review 1468 : Mothman and the Thunderbirds vs World Eaters – English

Heaviness lovers, Mothman and the Thunderbirds meets World Eaters for a split!

Between the American project Mothman and the Thunderbirds’s Sludge and Canadians World Eaters’ Death Metal, the sound is going to be greasy!

The album opens with Mothman and the Thunderbirds and its first track, Rusty Shackleford, which unveils its catchy joyful rhythmic with grimy Nu Metal roots followed by Hardcore-influenced screams. The sound will ignite to offer accessible, heady and groovy sounds which quickly drives us to Nephilim and its fast-paced rage, letting blast and sharp leads melt with quite Old School vocals and some more modern effects. The band’s raw sounds suddenly drop us on World Eaters’ Death Metal which starts with Flash of Green, a rather abrasive and saturated mix which will please fans of Old School and straightforward patterns. Some softer harmonics bring the thick riffs a melodic side, then the track slows down before the catchy final guides us to The Siege, the last track of this split, which fully exploits Death Metal’s dissonant and heavy side for more than seven minutes which sound like a violent and haunting apocalypse.

Despite two quite different styles, Mothman and the Thunderbirds and World Eaters both offer quite similar sounds, combining thick riffs and efficient Old School patterns for an oppressive split.


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