Review 1480 : Imperial Execration – Commanding Satans Crusades – English

Get ready for the first Imperial Execration offering.

Created in England by Ruben Jaramillio (drums, Ataud, Engulfed In Abomination) and Eduardo Camargo (guitar/bass, Ataud, Goreinhaled, Despondency), two Colombian musicians, the duo calls upon Oscarnivore Macias (vocals, Carnivore Diprosopus) to complete the formation and release Commanding Satans Crusades on Comatose Music.

Summoning of the Ancient Hordes will immediately annihilate any notion of delicacy with massive riffs topped by bestial screams. The band digs into Old School roots to give its Brutal Death a catchy groove just like on Commandments of the Age of Darkness and its worrying introduction which drives us to pure violence composed of blasts and jerky riffs. Musicians don’t allow us any moment of respite by chaining moshparts before letting Throne of Sadistic Abominations roll over us with a wave of double kick covered with frantic riffs. Screams also continue to bludgeon us until His Ominous Presence takes over with a similar and equally effective recipe. The thick sound and its evil harmonics will only stop to let Lords of Tyrannical Perversion nail us to the ground with aggressive and wild patterns, completed by the vocalist’s omnipresence, then Victory of the Stygian Empire allows us to breathe with its short intro sample before raw strength resurfaces. Whether the sound remains in this line of violence, we notice that the final is slightly slower, and it guides us to Condemned, a cover of Dehumanized that keeps its bloody and thick Old School tastes while offering extremely effective jerky riffs.

With Commanding Satans Crusades, the feeling of being constantly trampled by the musicians is real. Imperial Execration doesn’t reinvent anything, but gives Brutal/Slam Death Old School some quality weapons.


Version Française ?

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