Review 1486 : Cult of Eibon x Ceremonial Torture – Necronomical Mirror Divination – English

Cult of Eibon and Ceremonial Torutre join forces.

At the end of 2022, the Greek duo formed in 2015 and the Finnish solo project created in 2013 announce the release of Necronomical Mirror Divination through Iron Bonehead Productions.

The Greeks of Cult of Eibon are the first to offer us their universe, which starts with Arra – Azag – Thoth, an occult and disturbing introduction that will eventually welcome dissonant Old School riffs on The burning Gates of Acheron, a rather quiet track which unveils rather dark and raucous vocals. The oppressive atmosphere will eventually become more aggressive when the instrumental accelerates, letting screams diversify, then The Lament of the Forest comes to bewitch us again before Thrash influences join Black Metal. Clean vocals bring a mystical touch to this long track, but we will also find more raw roots like the double kick roll or the jerky riffs before quietness reborns with the melancholic Father, Thy Ageless Wisdom, a short composition which closes this part with disturbing sounds.

Ceremonial Torture follows with Ceremonial Night of Unearthly Love, an ethereal first track which reminds the introduction of the previous band with heady keyboards, then aggressiveness explodes with Summoning at the Gothic Graveside, a composition with a gloomy Old School mix. Vocals are adorned with some dissonant and airy effects to accompany automatic drums and mystical keyboards, but rage is just as well transcribed as the majestic dungeon sounds, and it will be the same for Funeral Whispers of Dark Massacration and its melancholic tones which turn into solid and martial riffs. Leads bring a more soaring dimension to this claustrophobic and aggressive mix, allowing the band to bludgeon us continuously until a saving final.

Although both anchored in a very Old School style, as the mix shows, Cult of Eibon and Ceremonial Torture both have a different musical personality which makes Necronomical Mirror Divination rich and interesting, as long as the sound does not scare you.


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