Review 1488 : Sirrush – Molon Labe – English

Sirrush releases its first album.

Created in 2007, the Italian band released a first demo in 2011 before disappearing. But in 2022, Otagron (vocals/guitar, ex-Beasts of Torah), Tiyris (guitar, Crimson Wind, Xenos, ex-Kas), Adranor (bass, Heruka, ex-Ars Macabra) and Sculptor of Flesh (drums, ex-Blasphemer) announced its re-release, followed by their signing with Non Serviam Records, and the release of Molon Labe.

The album opens with The Path of Heroes, an epic yet ominous instrumental introduction which lets the band place majestic sounds before Deimos comes to reveal the strength of the dark and dissonant riffs that the band cultivates in a rather martial approach. Vocals reinforce this sharp mix between Death and Black Metal explosive aggressiveness while making some parts more impressive and heavy. A Son Set His Father Free follows with an aggressive blast which perfectly fits with the Spartans’ frantic war march on the Persians without forgetting energetic leads which sometimes borrow from Thrash before letting the dissonant atmosphere take over, then the melodies of With Your Shield ..or on It come to bewitch us, preparing us for the fight that follows. The contrast between the two parts is impressive, letting the band prove its efficiency in each of the universes, letting the soaring harmonics guide us to Molon Labe, the eponymous track, which comes to break quietness with its rage. Orchestrations strengthen the massive and sometimes quite technical rhythmic with which the band unbridledly hits us, but the heavy atmosphere calms down again with When Muses Speak to Us, a melancholic and airy interlude on which a soft female voice comes to bewitch us. The Vision of Megistias revives the buried violence with solid riffs and Old School influences which are perfectly coupled with impressive samples to give rhythm to the battlefield where cavernous screams reign. There are also some abrasive and hypnotic leads, which contrast with the raw strength which guides us to The Last Glorious Echo, an impressive and haunting composition which lets jerky riffs open the doors to this last confrontation, accompanied by a heavy double kick. The devastating blast will resurface with complex and vivid elements as well as threatening vocals and epic chorus, but the track will eventually slow down to let Remember Who We Were close the album with a dark and mysterious instrumental touch, sometimes coupled with a few hits.

For their comeback, Sirrush decided to strike hard. With Molon Labe, the band offers us a massive sound between Black and Death Metal which draws from warlike and impressive influences, creating a real wave of raw strength.


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