Review 1505 : Euphrosyne – Keres – English

Euphrosyne comes out of the shadows to introduce its first EP.

The first traces of activity of the Greek band go back to 2021 with two singles, then a following one this year, then Efi Eva (vocals), Alex Despotidis (guitar), George Gazis (bass) and Kostas Mamalis (drums, Mindthreat) finally announce Keresfor the end of 2022 on Dry Clean Records.

The band opens its universe by Black Opal, a soaring introduction, with a funereal saxophone and airy sounds which slowly lead us to Pale Days, a haunting and intense track. Striking screams finally appear in this wave of heavy darkness, then it’s clean vocals surface after a soft break to accompany the raw strength, and the contrasted mix makes us sail melancholy’s sides, while When My Fears Conquered All will offer more experimental tones while remaining in an intense range. Majestic orchestrations give an epic touch to this aggressive sound which will prepare the ground for a sublime clean vocals chorus, then the last lead frees us before Sister Of Violence anchors itself in an oppressive Atmospheric Black Metal. Dissonance will also be an important element of this as dark as soothing track which lets the voice guide us between quietness and visceral strength, but intensity will slowly come down with Sunbringer and its melodious tones. The track progressively becomes more impressive before Within the Ages explodes the band’s most raw and unbridled roots between Black and Post Metal again. But musicians don’t forget the majestic softness which is also part of their identity, letting the vocalist mesmerize the softest parts while strengthening the rhythmic until the final climax, which will calm down again with Keres, the eponymous track, closing the EP with mysterious hypnotic tonalities.

Euphrosyne makes us constantly sail between darkness and shadow, between softness and oppression, between violence and quietness. Keres is a very rhythmic EP which knows where it’s going, and has the necessary resources to do so.


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