Review 1514 : Percussor – Ravenous Despondency – English

Percussor returns to slaughter us with a fifth album.

After a short existence between 1996 and 1998, the American band reformed in 2014 under the impulse of its creator, Jack Carmichael (vocals/guitar, ex-Afterbirth, ex-Lesch-Nyhan), then really begins its career. In 2022, and accompanied by Walter Capelli (drums, Whore Abortion, ex-fuck face) and Paul Orkin (bass, Sleepy Hollow, ex-Flesh Engine) the band announces the release of Ravenous Despondency on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Systematic Savagery immediately strikes us with a solid blast on which dissonant riffs are grafted, followed by aggressive screams. The jerky mix is quite short, and it quickly gives way to Ulterior Treachery, a lively and quite oppressive track which doesn’t hesitate to leave some chaotic leads on this energetic base. We will also find some crazy melodies before Narcissistic, Self Absorbed Disgrace, the longest track, comes to reveal us a dark and abrasive sound which also knows how to be catchy. There is a somehow raw progression in this track which welcomes edged riffs and a massive double kick, then Moldering Existence continues to hit us with its sharp influences. Heady melodies are also part of this sometimes strange and complex track which gives way to Self Exile, a composition using fast but rather suffocating riffs to feed the oppression the band cultivates since the beginning of the album. Perpetual Disdain follows with dissonant yet heady riffs, sometimes dip into Black/Death roots as well as Old School sounds, especially on the solo that guides us to the energetic Ravenous Despondency, the eponymous composition. Its raw tones and complexity make it an extremely heavy track, as well as Degradation, a virulent instrumental which doesn’t give us a single moment of respite before Bottom Feeder, the short last track, bludgeons us with a frantic rhythm to close the album.

With this short album, Percussor confirms its will to link complex riffs to an aggressive and raw basis, making Ravenous Despondancy a heavy tool whoch will be appreciated by hardened listeners and dissonant sounds lovers.


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