Review 1533 : Hellevate – The Purpose is Cruelty – English

Hellevate comes back.

Formed in the US in 2007, the band led by Dan « Danowar » Whitmer (guitar) fairly regularly releases albums and EPs. The line-up is subject to many changes, and it is accompanied by Zack Burke (bass), RJ Whitmer (drums, EA??), Joshua Cole (guitar, EA??) and Robert Browne (vocals, EA??) that the band releases The Purpose is Cruelty, their new EP.

The EP opens with The Purpose is Cruelty and its eerie mystical tones, quickly followed by the band’s jerky aggressive riffs. We will notice a very Old School drum sound and this lively energy proper to Thrash/Speed Metal, but also some sharp leads, then Dagon will come to reveal a dark groove and Death Metal influences. As for the vocals, we stay with vindictive screams, but the track also offers some more melodious clean vocal parts which fit the jerky rhythm before letting Buried Under Mistakes make us shake our heads. Backing vocals increase the aggression which will be soothed by a more heady chorus, but piercing leads are never far away to let that metallic sound take its toll. Die or Be Killed follows with martial tones which gradually turn to a true chaos, only accelerating to an extremely well-controlled climax, before returning to a solid rhythm and then to a final sample which drives us to (No) Further Action is Require, the last track. After a cybernetic introduction, the band displays its aggressive Old School influences one last time while leaving a place for softer elements, effective leads, and especially this catchy final.

Hellevate knows how to use energetic Thrash influences and vivid Speed roots to create a catchy and aggressive mix, illustrated by The Purpose is Cruelty in half hour of raw strength. Simple and effective.


Version Française ?

Few questions to Joshua “Josh the Boss” Cole, guitar player for Hellevate.

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