Review 1534 : Atrocity – Okkult III – English

Atrocity comes back to haunt us.

Since 1985 under the name Instigator, the German band spreads its message of hate with Death Metal with various influences. In 2022, Alexander Krull (vocals/keyboards), Joris Nijenhuis (drums, ex-Dr. Doom, ex-Bloodred), Micki Richter (guitar), Andre Nasso (bass, ex-Sadist) and Luc Gebhardt (guitar), who are also all members of Leaves’ Eyes, announce the release of Okkult III, the band’s twelfth album.

The album opens with Desecration Of God and its unhealthy mystical introduction which leads us to solid riffs topped with wild screams. The incessant double kick coupled with raw aggression is very effective, but it will give way to ferocious blast on Fire Ignites and its rather Old School approach of bloody riffs the five musicians develop. Tortured lead parts perfectly answer the massive basis before Born To Kill takes over with similar elements on a high tempo. We also have jerky guitars for some moshparts or angry solos, then Bleeding For Blasphemy returns to the majestic and impressive tones before the drums ignite the assault, closely followed by the other instruments and then by vocals which skillfully run the charge while leaving room for leads. Priest Of Plague, the next track, barely takes time to place an introduction before bludgeoning us with jerky riffs with Thrash influences, then the band welcomes Elina Siirala (Leaves’ Eyes, Angel Nation) and Zoë Marie Federoff (Cradle of Filth, Catalyst Crime) to give Malicious Sukkubus an enchanting touch and its occult riffs. The track is long, and it allows the band and its guests to develop a heavy atmosphere, enhanced by leads, before Lycanthropia returns to raw strength and aggressive riffs. Faces From Beyond will again let the oppressive atmosphere express itself before the powerful rhythmic comes to strike, accompanied by hypnotic and dark leads. The track leads us to Cypka and his Old School roots which will reveal all their rage between two disturbing voice samples, then the band calls upon Robse Dahn (Minas Morgul, ex-Equilibrium) and the keyboardist Misstiq for Teufelsmarsch, a last as warlike as majestic and gripping track.
The band also offers the instrumental versions of these ten tracks, allowing us to focus on the German’s murderous riffs.

Atrocity’s longevity is impressive, and although the band has dipped into several styles during its career, it is with Death Metal that it perfectly expresses itself. Okkult III allows the band to reconnect with their Old School roots while letting other influences shine through.


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