Review 1554 : Re-Buried – Repulsive Nature – English

It’s time for Re-Buried to dig up their grimy riffs.

Formed in the United States in 2018, the band released their first demo in 2020, followed by a split with their compatriots Deconsecration in 2021. In 2023, Eddie Bingaman (guitar, ex-A City Screams in Terror), Clayton Wolff (bass, Un, ex-A City Screams in Terror), Alex Bytnar (drums, Un, Wounded Giant, ex-Anubis Rising), Paul Richards (guitar), and Chris Pinto (vocals, Fórn) signed with Translation Loss Records for the release of Repulsive Nature, their debut album.

With an artwork signed by Digtrash Art (Intimidation Display, Curse of Flesh, Casket Slime…) as unhealthy as worked, we can only feel the oppression created by From Beneath, a first heavy composition which lets a thick mix weigh down fast riffs and massive screams. The track proves to be very effective, allowing sharp leads to come and decorate the greasy basis, then Repulsive Nature, the eponymous track, takes over with wild aggressiveness coupled with sharp but simple patterns. The jerky parts added to Death/Doom roots is perfect to give the band an unhealthy touch, just like on Planetary Obliteration, a short straightforward track allowing the musicians to include some sharp harmonics, but also on Infinite Suffering and its dark oppressive touches. A few accelerations allow the Old School Death Metal to show its rage, then Hypocrisy Incarnate will let the band go back to a disturbing atmosphere which perfectly fits with the crushing saturation. Dismal Hallucinations offers us a hypnotic and soothing break with a short interlude of haunting clean sounds, but quietness will be disturbed by the heavy Sepulchral Stench and its grimy riffs to let an Old School aggressiveness express itself in the company of double kick and cavernous screams telling horrific facts. There is also some groove on this track unlike Smoldering Remnants which spits its raw sounds out via a block which barely slows down to allow bloody leads to enter the mix, before slowing down again for Throne of Asmodeus to unveil its crushing and heavy saturated sounds before another acceleration which nails us to the ground until the end. The album ends with Rancid Womb, a last slightly longer track which takes the time to place some heady and occult harmonics before revealing its saturation, still rooted in this infernal slowness.

Re-Buried picks in thick and oppressive influences to let its occult riffs express themselves under a heavy and saturated Old School mix. Repulsive Nature will please the fans of raw and unhealthy Death Metal.


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