Review 1573 : Atomwinter – Sakrileg – English

Atomwinter wants to crush us.

Formed in 2010 in Germany, the band released their first demo the same year, then looked into a first album, which was released in 2012. After some time of silence following the release of their third album, the band composed of Benni G. (guitar), Martin S. (bass), Patrick W. (drums) and Florian Bauer (vocals, Burden of Grief, Hellforce, ex-Twilight Prophecies) announce the release of Sakrileg, their fourth album, on Trollzorn Records.

After an ominous but rather soft introduction, Ov Blood And Flesh reveals sharp riffs infused with the band’s obvious and devastating Swedish influences, accompanied by massive vocals. The track is quite short but very straightforward, and it guides us to The Lungs Ov Hell, a more dissonant track starting out slowly before the charge of the Old School roots hits us, creating more energetic parts. The atmosphere remains quite heavy, and it will stay similar on Brutal Scriptures, a composition reviving raw rage while placing dark and scratchy melodies on effective patterns. An oppressive final leads us to Catatonic Pathway and its fast jerky riffs that remain anchored in pure efficiency, but we will also notice a more soothing break before the last part, which gives way to The Dark Void and its heavy touches giving Death Metal a weighing sound. The haunting leads perfectly fit with the ambient saturation strengthened by cavernous screams, but speed resurfaces with Sakrileg, the eponymous track, which anchors itself on the basis of a sticky and straightforward Death Metal, as well as rocky vocals. Violence ends with the majestic break borrowing Doom its mystical atmosphere, but it will resurface again on Cryptic Death, the next track, which returns to the style’s frantic roots. Tortured leads also appear to give this wave of aggression some relief, then Until The Loss Ov God continues with a similar approach by keeping martial tones before Born Into Iron Coffins comes to end this record with skillfully placed riffs that turn into a wave of heavy sounds.

Atomwinter knows what Death Metal is all about, and the band proves it once again with Sakrileg. No frills, no mercy, only catchy and thick riffs.


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