Review 1574 : Coffinborn – Cadaveric Retribution – English

Coffinborn returns to bring Death Metal to life.

Formed in late 2012 in Hungary, the band consisting of Disguster (guitar/vocals, Cryptworm, Rothadás), Blasphemy (drums/vocals, Ahriman, Gravecrusher, Mörbid Carnage, Rothadás), and Churchburner (bass, Mörbid Carnage, Fagyhamu) announce the release of Cadaveric Retribution, their debut album, through Xtreem Music.

With Self-Mutilation of the Soul, the band unveils a thick and heavy sound while keeping the Old School mix’s raw and jerky aggressiveness. No vocals on this track, only solid and powerful riffs to lead us to Undead Ceremony, which welcomes massive and cavernous vocal parts to accompany the wild rhythmic as well as the slower and heavier parts. We will also find some furious leads before the final, then Flesheater will crush us with thick riffs that will end up accelerating to let musicians fill us with their bloody and explosive sound while staying on catchy patterns just like on Lycanthropic Devourment and its efficient drums, either to dynamize riffs or on the opposite to make them more crushing. Cleansed by Putrefaction will also be lively, coupling sharp riffs with abrasive patterns and morbid Death/Doom influences, which contrast with the dissonant and piercing leads, then Infernal Entombment develops heady riffs before the tornado of violence throws us to the ground. The Old School elements are perfectly handled, like the last acceleration which introduces a mysterious lead part before Gruesome Fate hits with a raw and heavy groove. The track remains wickedly effective, letting screams answer the riffs, then Cadaveric Retribution will close the album with an ominous introduction, followed by a raw surge at full speed.

If you’re a Death Metal fan in its rawest form, you must listen to Coffinborn immediately. Rooted in Old School roots, the band knows exactly what to do to make each track from Cadaveric Retribution an earthquake.


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