Review 1584 : Enisum – Forgotten Mountains – English

Enisum breaks silence with its seventh album.

Formed in 2006 in Italy, the band created as a solo project by Lys (vocals/guitar, Lys, ex-Dawn of a Dark Age) evolved into a band in 2014, recruiting Leynir (bass), Epheliin (vocals) and Dead Soul (drums), as well as Urciàt (guitar) live. Forgotten Mountains is announced for 2023 on Avantgarde Music.

Where You Live Again first wraps us in a soft and melancholic chest before letting bass and drums appear to instill a dynamic before saturation knocks us out. The heartbreaking moans are then born in this heavy and haunting slowness that bewitches us by waves, letting dissonance accompany us to Forgotten Mountains, the eponymous track, which is much darker than the previous one, while remaining in a rather misty approach. We also have some blast and massive screams before quietness breaks the track to let the tornado rise again, and then give way to Night Forest and its softness, joined by the instruments and a clean anguished voice. Saturation and screams are of course never far to darken the atmosphere, just like on Woods of Sorrow which is immediately aggressive and abrasive, letting blast and fast riffs rage before the vocalist appears again. Nothing follows with a soft introduction, quickly overshadowed by airy clean vocals, then by heavy riffs and screams, but the soothing sound quickly comes back, and the loop continues before exploding at the end, quickly followed by Galaverna, which offers a few moments of quietness before drowning us under saturation and violence. Slightly more diversified, the track also places some jerky parts before letting these airy waves hit us, and send us on Pure Sadness, a composition which lets melancholy express itself. Clean vocals will again appear between the different macabre screams haunting this devastated landscape until The Wind Smells of You comes to close the album with a last fix of haunting darkness completed by howls of sorrow, but also some softer parts which announce the final storm.

Enisum couples darkness and beauty with a visceral and unique touch. Like the previous albums, Forgotten Mountains will astonish us with its beauty, then bewitch us with its sincerity and raw strength.


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