Review 1606 : Carma – Ossadas – English

Carma emerges from the void.

Formed in 2012 in Portugal, the band released their first album in 2015, mixing several obscure styles. In 2023, Nekruss (vocals/bass, Nekromorphine), Æminus (guitar) and Igniferum (drums, Mandragora Malevola), all members of Everto Signum, announced the release of Ossadas, their second album, through Monumental Rex.

The band unveils with this album nine tracks, that is to say more than one hour of sound depression punctuated by slow, massive and heady riffs of Funeral Doom Metal tinged with Atmospheric Black to create a dull and gloomy atmosphere. The devastated landscape will be punctuated by three shorter instrumental tracks called Leirão, which will introduce and then separate the haunting compositions. On each one, we find a rather similar approach that gives life to melancholy, depression and raw melodies completed by ghostly screams, adding a touch of aggressiveness while driving us to enchanting lead parts. I personally will note the dissonance of Jazigo, the first real composition, but also the more vivid and sharper screams on Memória, the next track, or the soothing break that breaks Destino in two thanks to choirs, and finally the energetic part allowing double kick and fast leads on Saudade, the last track, to close this case of sadness.

If you like Funeral Doom, let Carma hypnotize you with its massive tracks giving a voice to sadness. Ossadas remains anchored in an Old School and quasi-immobile approach of the style, which obviously forces respect.


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