Review 1611 : Unfelled – Pall of Endless Perdition – English

Unfelled announced their debut album.

After the release of a demo in 2017, the Australian musician D. (guitar/bass, Forest Mysticism, Woods of Desolation) recruited Vlad (drums, Drudkh, Precambrian, ex-Old Silver Key) and Mitch (vocals, Austere, Temple Nightside, ex-Funeral Mourning) to create Pall of Endless Perdition, which comes out via Season of Mist.

An Epoch in Bloodshed comes to place the bases of a dark universe oriented towards airy Black/Pagan but also very Old School sonorities, especially on the drums’ mix which meets the throbbing and dissonant riffs coupled with raucous screams. The epic and heady sounds easily mesmerize us before The Opposer comes to revive pure aggression, creating a warlike sound which perfectly combines with oppression and scathing melodies in this sonic fog. Wreathed Wings comes to suffocate us too with lively riffs turning into jerky ones before accelerating again to finally unveil a soaring sound contrasting with vocal parts, letting Veil of Perdition continue in this frantic and hazy approach. Saturation will still let some abrasive melodies hit us while screams feed the heavy and cold tones, which will also strike on Transcendent Legacy, along with majestic leads that bring an interesting relief to this dark and disturbing landscape. Evanescent will bring the softness back through very calm and soaring riffs, letting clean tones express themselves in melancholy before fury takes its place on A Diadem Embattled, the album’s last and longest composition, which lets majestic riffs and a fast rhythmic combine to let our mind travel in this striking darkness populated by mysterious and aggressive screams before a short interlude, then an ever more intense final.

Get ready for a journey between darkness and epic sounds with Unfelled. Anchored in Old School tones highlighting vocals, melodies and gripping rhythms, the only criticism I can make of Pall of Endless Perdition is its length: you immediately want more.


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