Review 1646 : NervoChaos – Chthonic Wrath – English

Nothing can stop NervoChaos.

Created in 1996 in Brazil by Eduardo « Edu » Lane (drums), the band now completed by Luiz « Quinho » Parisi (guitar), Pedro Lemes (bass), Woesley Johann (guitar, Goat Necropsy, Nostalgica) and Brian Stone (vocals, Contortion) continues his collaboration with Emanzipation Productions for the release of Chthonic Wrath, his eleventh album.

With NervoChaos, the recipe remains unchanged for over 25 years: Death Metal is raw and Old School, making no compromise with anyone or anything. On this new album, it will illustrate itself on fourteen tracks, which means forty-five minutes of greasy and continuous violence, starting with Son Of Sin, an immediately effective track which lets disturbing leads compete with massive screams before the devastating basis leads us to the groovy Chaos Prophets and its abrasive rhythmic. The blast reigns supreme on the track before calming down on Kill For Pleasure and its dark introduction, before coming back to strike with the usual aggressive elements, which will become very unifying on the chorus. We will find more technical elements on Taphephobia, like these heady tapping parts, but the raw patterns are still at work before Tomb Mold allows us a short moment of respite with a soothing clean sound, followed by Lullaby Of Obliteration and its worrying darkness. Once melancholy is over, efficient riffs will strike before Torn Apart places complex and heady harmonics to ornate an obvious and heavy rage. Arrogance Of Ignorance remains in this virulent and abrasive approach, letting accelerations punctuate the surge of violence between two effective moshparts, then Vanguard places epic elements on a jerky and heavy basis. I have no doubt the band will be able to use these riffs live to cause chaos, just like Falling‘s riffs which can create interesting crowd movements, intense enough to turn an entire room upside down between two worked parts. With Descending Into Madness, raw efficiency will prevail first, but some darker and airy leads will also be integrated to the charge, just like Perpetual War, which will use heavy elements for a sharp solo, or Ouroboros which will let a higher tempo dictate the tone of this devastating and frantic composition, especially on vocals. The heavy break will leave us with a bloody solo, then Weed Smoker’s Dream calls for some Grind influences to close the album with a bit more than a minute of devastating riffs.

When talking about NervoChaos, it is impossible not to evoke the band’s productivity and efficiency, but also its recent regularity. Chthonic Wrath brings its wave of Old School riffs, and that’s all we ask the band!


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