Review 1680 : Angus McSix – Angus McSix and the Sword of Power – English

True heroes always come back, and Angus McSix is ready to prove it.

Following his departure from Gloryhammer in 2021, Thomas Winkler (vocals) returns to the fold as Angus McSix, Starlord of the Sixtus Stellar System.

Accompanied by Arch Demon Seebulon, The Origin of all Evil (guitar/bass/keyboards, Orden Ogan), Thalestris, Queen of the Lazer-Amazons of Caledonia (guitar, Æxylium, formerly live for Pokerface and Frozen Crown) and Skaw! Buff Berserker from the North (drums, ex-Rhapsody of Fire), the singer signs with Napalm Records, and announces the release of his first album, Angus McSix and the Sword of Power.

The album opens with Master of the Universe, a first composition which sounds like both the musician’s anthem and his revenge, judging by the vindictive and meaningful lyrics. Catchy riffs are also there, punctuating the motivating sounds leading us to Sixcalibur, a track which will allow majestic orchestrations a place of choice while letting expressive vocal parts ride the jerky charge. We even have some Folk sounds before Laser-Shooting Dinosaur, a surprisingly titled track, adds a modern and danceable dose of fun, playing on Disco roots, finally letting Amazons of Caledonia soften the mood with a more moderate approach. Intensity on vocals, backing vocals and leads keep the track’s epic aspect, which will accelerate again on Ride to Hell, another composition that takes advantage of a playful modernity to develop a motivating sound. Riffs let us perfectly imagine a clean road on which we progress at high speed until Starlord of the Sixtus Stellar System, an as cliché as catchy track, which gives the solid heavy elements a chance to express themselves while staying anchored on majestic orchestrations, before meeting that evil voice which will darken the horizon before the final. The Vision in the Fires will offer us a short moment of respite with a heady soundtrack, which will let Eternal Warrior bring us its martial sounds, completed by the vocalist’s thrusts, contrasting with this very accessible instrumental guided by keyboards. We will also have playful sounds on The Key to Eternity, a composition which would find its place in nightclubs all over the world thanks to its dancing patterns, which strangely fit the vocal parts, including the obscure sample. Power Metal roots resurface on In a Past Reality, which easily couples the motivational elements, the heady riffs and the different voices which skillfully pace the track, before letting Fireflies of Doom unveil one of the most singing choruses of the entire album. This track definitely could also close the live performances, but here we still have Just a Fool Will Play Tricks on Angus McSix, a bonus track, with which the musicians will close this first opus, keeping the contrast between energetic verses and heady choruses.

Far from having fallen into oblivion, Angus McSix has risen and offers us a diversified universe, composed with talented musicians. Angus McSix and the Sword of Power has everything to please, linking energetic riffs and powerful vocal parts with an epic approach.


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