Review 1707 : Fatuous Rump – I Am At Your Disposal – English

What a sweet invitation from Fatuous Rump!

Since 2017, the band led by Taiwanese vocalist Larry Wang (Coprocephalic, Facelift Deformation, Gorepot, ex-Flesh Juicer, ex-Maggot Colony…) has been delivering tasty offerings. Completed today by Kane Chen (drums, ex-Maggot Colony), Hank Peng (guitar, Dharma) and Daniel Chen (bass), the band announces the release of its fifth album, I Am At Your Disposal, on Brutal Mind and Fat Tub of Lard Records.

The Toilet is the Person, the first composition, immediately sets the scene with its delicate and appropriate intro sample: it’s fat and heavy. When the groovy and massive rhythmic starts, followed by those inhuman guttural screams, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the dance, punctuated by moshparts, just like Wherever We’re Opened, We’re Red, a track whose name is inspired by Clive Barker. Beyond raw truth, the track will blow us away with its many devastating infrabasses, thick riffs and breaks, followed by You Melt the Plastic in My Underwear which allows us a very short moment of respite with a horrific sample before returning to its impressive Slamming Brutal Death. Each time the sound slows down, it comes back more powerful and catchy, leading us to The Airtight Bag in the Freezer and its overpowering accelerations, sometimes completed by unusual dissonant leads which are still perfectly adapted to the sound aggression. Blood is Really Warm With a Lot of Screaming follows by staying in mammoth heaviness fed with massive infrabasses, but the band also offers some Old School patterns and jerky vocal parts. Looks Like Meat’s Back on the Menu allows us a short respite with a sample again, but it won’t take long before the band goes back to thick violence and murderous palm mutes, as well as more technical elements such as the tapping parts, then Sometimes Bad Babies Go in Timeout keeps the festive atmosphere, embellished by some wild accelerations. We stay in subtlety with This is the Condom I Used When I Lost My Virginity, a composition whose name easily evokes the ease with which riffs are going to bludgeon us by counting on a natural efficiency, then the short No, Can You Lick Them for Me, already revealed for a few months, comes to strike too by linking the most massive riffs interspersed with disturbing harmonics. The album ends with Everytime Was a Messy Failure, which lets violence take over one last time with those incredibly catchy batrachian vocal parts.

If you don’t have cholesterol, you can always count on Fatuous Rump to fix it. I Am At Your Disposal is a pure as cliché as effective Slamming Brutal Death album, and you’ll love it in no time!


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