Review 1708 : Deviloof – DAMNED – English

Deviloof confirms its new identity.

After its creation in Japan in 2015, the band now composed of Daiki (bass), Keisuke (vocals), Ray (guitar/vocals), Aisaku (guitar) and Kanta (drums) announces the release of DAMNED, its new EP.

Wasting no time, Damn, the first track, immediately comes to crush us with a massive Deathcore, mixing jerky riffs with modern samples and those chaotic vocal eruptions. Raw aggression barely drops during the solo and the morbid sample, and the final strikes us at full force leading us to The Blackened Sun, where the atmosphere becomes heavier before violence is tinged with groovy and macabre influences, but also sometimes more complex ones before returning to pure efficiency accompanied by cybernetic samples. Afterlife quickly takes over leaving energetic Metalcore influences while leaving room for this catchy and quite accessible madness, then Terpsichore offers to let musicians fully express themselves with an instrumental composition, mixing heavy and jerky rhythmics with piercing guitars. The track is perfectly balanced, and it will eventually let False Self explode the most energetic and surprising elements the band can spread, creating a wave of motivating violence pushing the limits of rage along with some majestic parts.

Once again, Deviloof did it great. The band never stops pushing the boundaries of rage and violence, making DAMNED a surprisingly intense EP, no matter what influences are exploited.


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