Review 1709 : Kahrmalia – Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia – English

Kahrmalia awakens.

Created by Italian musician Gabriel Cavazzini (vocals/all instruments), the project announces the release of its first album, Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia, in 2023. 

After an epic introduction called Catharsis which reveals dark melodic roots, With My Demons makes us sink into a haunting universe where melancholic clean vocals slip between soaring harmonics. Intense blast-fueled parts contrast with the more soothing moments, then groovy influences appear on Getting The Truth, which will also feature heavier elements coupled with Industrial tones, creating a modern approach which makes this track accessible while offering a Nu Metal dimension with Ivy Marie on the chorus. We will also hear some dissonant leads, then Mysteria will come to drape the sound of a veil of darkness, that the musician couples with heady and simplistic Alternative Metal elements to create a catchy track, darkened by this strange break and followed by a last chorus, then by Alone, where Ivy Marie comes back to mix her voice with the project creator’s one on a sad but soothing piano basis. The rhythmic progresses by getting intensified, always governed by melancholy, then Someone Is Next To You will return with more aggressive and energetic sounds, also creating oppressive parts, as on these strange choruses followed by heavy riffs. I Will Flow will follow with worked patterns oriented towards Progressive Metal without denying this slow and heady Gothic basis, while Behind will remain in a purified and simple approach. Melodies slowly hover in these airy riffs, leading us to Here I Stand And Face The Rain, a last composition which will skillfully mix dark influences with dark and catchy sounds to close the album with this touch of catchy modernity which is more intense towards the end.

Kahrmalia‘s universe is clearly anchored in Gothic Metal, but the musician does not set himself boundaries with this simple basis, making Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia a surprising album which dares to look for Prog and soft ambiences.


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