Review 1733 : Olkoth – At the Eye of Chaos – English

Olkoth speaks with its violence.

Since 2017 in the United States, the band led by Zach Jeter (vocals/guitar, Doomsday Revival, Imperium), Hunter Ross (guitar, Rapheumets Well, Virulent Excision) and Alex Rush (bass/vocals, Enthean, ex-Xael), helped by Krzysztof Klingbein (drums, Hyl, ex-Aggressor, ex-Deathspawn, ex-Resurrection, live for Belphegor, Batushka, Vader… ) plays a Black/Death Metal concretized with At the Eye of Chaos, its first album, released on Everlasting Spew Records.

Alhazred, the first track, won’t take long before revealing its impressive mix of furious melodies and devastating blast. Screams are not left out, offering permanent aggressive and massive influences borrowed from the rawest roots just like on Incendiary Prayer, a composition letting sharp leads adorn a crushing basis. The sound remains extremely catchy even in the most complex parts, creating an unceasing wave of strength which leads us to The Resurrectionist and its worked riffs filled with wild strikes. Heaviness and disturbing melodies combine to make the track as heavy as aggressive while we also notice an evolution of vocal parts which perfectly fits the more jerky patterns, then the band allows us to breathe for a short while before Thousand Faced Moon begins its occult assault thanks to very regularly explosive tones which also borrow from Brutal Death. The abrasive melodies perfectly fit this full speed surge along with powerful vocal interventions, followed by an eerie outro and To Eat of the Lotus’ mystical dissonant introduction. Haunting but heavy approach allows the band to captivate us again with a coherent and dark sound before letting it fade away to lead us to the ritualistic Eidolon in the Flames which mixes an oppressive atmosphere with the four musician’s usual virulence. We will also have Death Metal’s jerky riffs while Black Metal influences darken the atmosphere, followed by the complex and devastating Lords of the Kali Yuga which sinks us into the ground at every note, letting the most aggressive roots unleash. Whether the rhythmic slows down, it remains intense, coupling occult melodies with visceral screams, then the album comes to an end with At The Eye of Chaos, the last composition, which comes to place contrasted melodies on the band’s usual fast and aggressive basis while honoring all its inspirations.

With its relentless hurricane, Olkoth intends to make a place for itself in the Black/Death Metal scene. At the Eye of Chaos is able to mix bloody melodies, massive rhythmics and possessed screams with an occult mastery.


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