Review 1737 : The Mon – Eye – English

The Mon lives again.

Created by Giovanni « Urlo » Rossi (all instruments/vocals), co-founder of the Italian band Ufomammut, the project unveils in 2023 Eye, its second album, on Supernatural Cat Records, along with some guests.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect when I started Eye. The words « Heavy Dark Folk Electronic » seemed both complementary and totally at odds with each other, but I finally understood the logic behind the construction of this album, which can be listened to in one go. The man offers us assemblies of keyboards and guitars, helped by Sarah Pendleton (Subrosa, The Otolith) and David W. (White Hills), but also voices, unexpected soaring sounds, as we discover on The Sun, the first track. Each track unveils a different atmosphere compared to the previous one without creating too big a gap, letting airy harmonics take over from heavy parts in the company of this disturbing and heady voice, which will sometimes leave room to Steve Von Till (Neurosis) on Confession and to Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra) for To the Ones, coming to bring a part of their universe to this rich, throbbing and strange sound, which only stops to better start again.

The Mon is a unique project. As far as close to the usual sonic borders, Eye lets its creator explore various soundscapes to permanently bewitch us, and make us discover the facets of his mind.


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