Review 1738 : Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll – English

Vomitory resumes its massacre.

Created in Sweden in 1989, the legendary band composed of Tobias Gustafsson (drums, Cut Up, ex-God Among Insects, ex-The Project Hate MCMXCIX, ex-Nifelheim…), Urban Gustafsson (guitar), Erik Rundqvist (bass/vocals, Cut Up, ex-Kadaverkult) and Peter Östlund (guitar, The Law) puts an end to 12 years of silence to announce the release of All Heads Are Gonna Roll, its ninth album, on Metal Blade Records.

Vomitory plays Death Metal with a pure Swedish abrasive touch, and the band will not fail to make us understand it from All Heads Are Gonna Roll, the eponymous track. We have aggressive patterns and massive screams there, but also some catchy parts like on Decrowned, the following composition, which sometimes knows how to temper its violence to offer raw groove the band mixes with its devastating riffs. Ode to the Meat Saw will start with a dark and dissonant melody before violence’s acceleration takes control to lead us to a haunting rhythmic serving as a basis for heady leads, creating a contrast with The Deepest Tomb which will the rage fully express itself with a higher tempo conducive to frenetic headbanging. Riffs will hardly leave us a few seconds of respite to let jerky Old School roots act and take us again in their charge leading us to Piece by Stinking Piece and its bloody harmonics breaking in the devastating tornado the band permanently fuels. The tempo slightly slows down for Raped, Strangled, Sodomized, Dead, but the sound will not be weaker at all, displaying the same contagious snarl as the previous tracks while including some more melodious parts, or heavier at the opposite, then the band strikes again with heady and slightly groovy sounds on Dead Man Stalking, before letting lead parts mix with the rhythmic. Without warning, Disciples of the Damned comes back in this extremely aggressive and raw Old School approach which will regularly offer sharp explosions before letting Dead World trample us. We hardly find some slower parts but they are just as heavy and martial, then Beg for Death, the last composition, allows us the only moment of respite with this disturbing sample leading to a slow but catchy riff, unsurprisingly followed by thock and jerky riffs, but also bloody melodies to close the album.

The absence of Vomitory is now filled. The band ensures us with All Heads Are Gonna Roll that their rage remains intact, offering us ten as explosive as catchy tracks to conscientiously trample us, without ever moving away from this bloody Swedish touch.


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